Breaking bread: The art of building relationships

From the dawn of civilization, men have always used food as a means to make merry, to celebrate an occasion or mark an important date. It is these breakfasts, lunches and dinners that build our bonds, be it within the family, the community or at the workplace. A family that eats together is said to always have stuck together.No wonder corporate executives have the so-called “power lunches” when they needed to break free from the dreadfulness and coldness of meeting rooms when they want to settle with a deal or come up with something creative.

Everyone from advertisers to religious leaders knows the importance of a shared meal and hence always encouraged it. For example, fast food chains like KFC or MC Donalds came up with terms Bucket and family pack to bank on the idea that a good meal must be shared and that intern is good and healthy for a relationship. When it comes to religion there are Passover feats, Sacraments etc to mark an important day with a meal to remind themselves of the important dates and rituals.

In a more personal level, people, more often in the beginning of their relationships have dined in and dine outs to know each other better because its more casual and you have a reason to meet over something- A drink, a meal or two.

The meal is an essential part of relationship building, it improves the quality of the relationship by building closer bonds when people break bread together and share!

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Breaking Bread: The Art of Building Relationships
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