Thai Basil Chicken Recipe (Pad Gaprao)

Welcome to Bread & Melody Blog. Here you will learn the Thai Basil Chicken Recipe, the famous and iconic Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Gaprao). Pad is a stir-fry and Gaprao is a basil delicious easy dish super famous which is well known in Thailand. The reason why it is famous in Thailand is because of its aromatic fragrance and abundant availability that grows like weeds which can be found in every corner of the country. In general, the younger the Gaprao (basil) the more aromatic they tend to be.


Thai Basil Chicken Recipe
Ingredients of Pad Gaprao
  1. Boneless Chicken (500 gm)
  2. Red Chilli (fresh)  (4/5 pcs)
  3. Long beans (3/4 pcs)
  4. Garlic (5 pcs)
  5. Fish Sauce (4 tablespoons)
  6. Soya Sauce (5 tablespoons)
  7. Dark Soya Sauce (3 tablespoons)
  8. Mint leaves (handful)
  9. Basil Leaves (handful)
  10. Water
  11. Sugar (1 teaspoon)
  12. Vegetable Oil (4/5 tablespoon)


  • Make a paste with garlic and red chilli which will be the base of the stir fry. Chopped garlic must be kept aside.
  • Take a bowl and mix the sauces (Fish Sauce, Soya Sauce and Dark Soya Sauce) together with Sugar. Add some water and make sure you dissolve the sugar by stiring it well.
  • You can make Pad Gaprao with any kind of meat you want but the most common type is either chicken.
  • Chop the chicken into bite sizes in a chopping board with a big cleaver or a knife.
  • Cut the beans into shorter pieces.
  • Heat up your non stick frying pan with vegetable oil in it.
  • Heat up your non stick frying pan with vegetable oil in it.
  • Now, put the chopped  garlic. Then the garlic and red chilli paste right away. (you don’t have to wait for the oil to get it hot).
  • You may let it cook until the garlic starts to get brown a little bit.
  • Now put the chicken. Cook for 2-3 mins untill the chicken is sort of in smaller pieces.
  • Put the mixed sauce and get it mixed up well with the chicken.
  • Toss your beansin. If you want them nice and soft you want to add them early so maybe at the same time as the sauce. But if you want them to be still crunchy you can wait untill the chicken is mostly done.
  • Now you might add the basil and mint leaves after the heat is off. Just use the residual because you might not want to cook the leaves to death. Just toss it.

Now that’s done. You can just serve your dish with steamed rice and fried egg. You might also want to season it with Sliced Cucumber and a squeeze of Lemon on top of it (optional).

                                (maximum cooking time should be 15 mins)

Thai Basil Chicken
Pad Gaprao

In Thailand, Thai Basil Chicken Recipe (Pad Gaprao) is sort of a classic dish you would find at a streetside restaurant for a quick lunch and that’s why it is a cool dish to make. It’s quite a simple dish but featuring of basil and mint leaves really boosts it up and it’s got a flavour as you’ve ever had again.

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